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Adoption is an enviable act of love!

It must come from a desire to love a child. It must be motivated by our love for God. It must be because we want to raise a child for God as a demonstration of our love for God. Every child is a gift from God. Through adoption & fostering, you can help a child develop and grow up to be an accepted member of the society. Through adoption & Fostering, you can make the child part of your family and lavish your love on him or her.If you are thinking of getting involved in our orphan child sponsorship program, we ask you to consider carefully the commitment you are willing to make.

Our hope is: sponsors will become part of our children’s lives. They will not simply give money. They will write letters, send pictures, occasionally call, share family stories, build a bond that will enrich both your life and your sponsored child’s life. After so much abandonment, we are hopeful these bonds can become a vital force that helps guide our children into adulthood, perhaps surviving for a lifetime. For this reason, we ask all prospective sponsors to think carefully before getting involved. A small group of committed individuals is what we are looking for and we hope you’ll join us by becoming a mentor, friend and extended member of the Christ Kingdom Orphanage Home family.

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